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One of the most amazing things our Guiders do is creating a safe space for the girls in their units.

As mentors, Guiders model authenticity, acceptance and positive social relationships. Their leadership, dedication and warm presence helps girls listen to their inner voices, explore new interests and practice new skills, all while having fun. In the end, safe space is about trustworthy relationships. By creating an atmosphere of inclusion and openness, Guiders create a unique sanctuary where girls can spread their wings and become everything they want to be.

Guiders truly are the catalysts for girls empowering girls. How did you create safe space in your unit? We invited six local women police officers to our meeting the following week to show what girls CAN do. My heart broke. With a little help from my best friend in New Brunswick with policing connections, I was soon in contact with so many officers wanting to participate that I lost count.

In the end we were able to have six members of the Ottawa Police attend our next meeting. It was simply amazing! One brought a story, another brought pins and activities, and three were in full uniform. Seeing girls choosing to be a police officer for Halloween gives hope. Part of Guiding is showing girls they can be what they want and how they can help bust stereotypes. We were able to show our Sparks and Brownie that girls and women CAN be in positions of power and that even within the police force there are many different types of roles.

I felt their sisterhood just like I feel the Girl Guide sisterhood when I go to events with fellow Guiders. For me this was overwhelming, but in a good way. I recently lost my dear friend Robb Costello, a member of the Fredericton Police Force who was shot in the line of duty. Seeing these girls took my breath away, because it reminded me there are others to take up the mantle. One such moment happened early this Guiding year with a Brownie named Callie.

As the Guiding year was getting started, we asked the girls to choose their own circle leaders. The parameters we gave them were simple: their circle leader needed to be a second-year girl; they could use any method to choose their leader; any second-year girl not chosen as a circle leader would be a circle second; and most importantly, they all had to come to an agreement. One group did rock paper scissors, and one group just instantly came to an agreement.

But one group had a lot of trouble choosing and they just could not agree. Finally, the two second-year girls agreed to let the two first-year girls choose their leader. After a very serious conversation, the girls announced they had chosen Callie. Thank you! I never get chosen as leader for anything! I love watching each girl come into her own, finding empowerment in her own way. I also love watching the girls learn to work together to accomplish a team task.

You can almost feel the confidence growing, and the message soaking in that girls can do great things when they work together. Unit Guider Jennifer explains:. As the evening began, a buzz of excitement filled the air. Our first stop was the What are Human Rights gallery. As Guiders, we stood back and let the girls take the lead in how they wanted to explore. We fielded so many thoughtful questions from the Guides. Some examples were, why was it like that? Or, how could they have treated people like that?

Here the girls took in the sights of beautiful hand-beaded tapestries along the walls and stories of a peoples treated unjustly for many years. In the Canadian Journeys gallery, we reflected on both the freedoms and the discrimination people faced within our own Canadian heritage. We closed our evening in the Inspiring Change gallery, where the girls took their own thoughts and feelings about love, beliefs and change and left empowering messages on the walls to share with visitors from around the world. Their messages were so moving and honest. Some chose to write about ending discrimination and fighting for equality while others added messages of love and hope…visions of a brighter, stronger, united future… together.

I believe that each girl gained so much from this outing and that it changed them in some way, both broadening their views on the world around them and strengthening their knowledge that they each have the power to bring about positivity and change in the world. Girls can truly do anything — we just need to let girls guide the way. We will be back. Email us: ggcblog girlguides. What happens when girls meet women with awe-inspiring career trajectories?

Hearing how Bethany blazed her own career path was an out-of-this-world experience for girls — a chance to see what they too might achieve one day. It was all systems go as Bethany described the endless opportunities available in the space industry, highlighted her educational journey in science geography and space studies, and spoke about her recent weightlessness training.

She was even more excited to hear from the girls. After all, Guiding is that girl-friendly place where girls know they can raise their hands in confidence. Bethany fielded queries about her favourite planet, whether she believes in aliens and how she will sleep in space. Only two Canadian women know what our planet looks like from space — Dr. In , the Nova Scotia business woman refused to leave a whites-only area of a movie theater.

Viola is the first Canadian woman to appear on a bank note. Robson joined Guiding when her daughter came home from school asking to be a Brownie. When asked what drew her to join and remain in Guiding, Wanda talks about finding a place that she felt comfortable and accepted. She loves the interaction with the girls, watching them come out of their shells and their sense of achievement when they accomplish something. Reminiscing about her time in Guiding she talks about the way girls throw their arms around each other when they complete a challenge and how the older girls are such role models for younger girls.

It gives them such confidence. Bank of Canada image. Remembrance of wars past. Fear of conflict today. These simple but powerful concepts are on the minds of girls across Canada as we mark Remembrance Day Somehow, we often forget that war and violent conflict — whether years ago or today — affects and involves young people.

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This fall, we commissioned a nationwide survey that involved talking to more than girls in Canada aged about their feelings on Remembrance Day, war, and peace. What girls told us is that to them, Remembrance Day is about reflecting on the past while thinking about the very real impact of the global conflicts happening today. They also believe Remembrance Day is about honouring peace builders and thinking of those currently affected by war around the world.

After all, girls today often have a personal connection to the impact of war beyond the lessons of their history classroom. Many girls in Canada have welcomed those fleeing global conflicts to their communities, classrooms, and Girl Guide units — or may even themselves have experienced conflict firsthand.

How we can we support girls who have these concerns? We start by providing a safe space for girls to discuss what matters to them and how, together, we can build a better world by girls. Through actions big and small every day, girls themselves are fostering peace through their own leadership, community service and building connections with their peers. They made surgical dressings, knitted socks for soldiers, and sewed clothing for children who were victims of bombings. They will honour those who have served and acknowledge their responsibility to work for the peace they fought to accomplish.

Innovative science and tech activities. Outdoor adventures. The chance for girls to talk about what really matters to them. The new Girl Guide program was totally designed to fit with what girls really want. Across the country, girls led the way in planning and running Girls First Launch Parties.

Pathfinders and Rangers served as Launch Leaders, designing events that allowed girls in Guiding to test drive activities in the new program and discover their favourites. Along the way, our launch leaders picked up some resume-ready skills like event planning, public speaking, and more. This is such an important and positive change in the program and it is important to spread the word and get girls talking about it and sharing it with their units. Guiding has always been a place where girls can experiment, design, create and imagine as they explore the infinite possibilities of science and technology.

After all, Aeronautics was one of the first badges ever in Canadian Guiding. It really lets girls explore not only science, technology, engineering and math, but also the world of design. This pulls the program in alignment with the new acronym of STEAM — an acronym that integrates the importance of art and design in STEM careers, whether in the form of prototyping, modelling, programming, and conceptual sketching. It can also involve using 3D printers, laser cutters, computer coding like Sketch, or plain-old paper and pencils to learn how to create new inventions or improve existing ones.

Through activities in the Science Lab and Design Space themes, girls will discover how engineering can now be so much more than marshmallow bridges, and math can be so much more than a Pi day party. Instead, units might explore robotics or digital arts at local makerspaces. They might tour local science-based employers like technology companies, composting facilities, research institutions, smelters, pulp mills or farming operations, and do related experiments and activities in the unit.

Even then, I struggled with self-doubt and a lack of confidence that, as a woman, I could pursue such a career. Do you have a story about how your unit is enjoying the new Girls First program? Share it on the blog! And what she believes in is making sure all girls and women feel welcome in Guiding. As someone who lives with multiple rare medical conditions, Alexis has been a strong voice in speaking up for inclusion. She also recently joined the Girl Guides national Diversity and Inclusivity action team, providing input on how Guiding can attract and retain diverse members from communities and populations who are currently not well-represented in Guiding.

Looking ahead to her future, Alexis aspires to go into the field of genetics so she can help others suffering from life-threatening illnesses. This year, Alexis was awarded a Fortitude Award from Girl Guides of Canada in recognition of her perseverance, dedication and unstoppable passion for Guiding and inclusion.

Guiding has truly shaped the person I am today, enabling me to become a better leader, build confidence, and discover what I am passionate about. Through Girl Guides, I found my inspiration to seek change and advocate for diversity and inclusion after I was diagnosed with a rare, genetic heart condition called Long QT Syndrome at the age of By continuing my involvement in Guiding after my diagnosis, I was able to prove to myself and others that there are many things I am still capable of doing as a person with differences.

Guiding also taught me to emphasize and use my strengths. Guiding is how I want to continue my advocacy efforts. Girl Guides sell some 6 million boxes of cookies every year. And this weekend Girl Guides will be in your neighbourhood with cookies at the ready for Cookie Days in Canada. But our cookies are more than just a cookie. This fall, you can buy one of eight new chocolotey mint cookie boxes showcasing the range of activities and friendships that are part of the Guiding experience.

Cookies are a passport to adventure. From Quebec City to the Yukon, India to Peru and everywhere in between, Girl Guide cookie sales raise funds for travel experiences that help girls see the world — and themselves — in a brand new way. Girls also develop some pretty sweet skills through cookie sales.

Goal setting. Project planning. Money management. Cookie selling pros — 2 blocks — 2 cases sold out! A post shared by acadianpie acadianpie on Sep 28, at pm PDT. In , Girl Guides in Regina baked and sold cookies to raise funds for a camping trip. And so our iconic fundraiser was born. Girl Guide cookies are an out-of-this-world sensation. Cookie Days in Canada is this weekend October 13 and 14 — and our members will be bringing cookies right to your door, to your local mall and beyond.

Our cookie finder map helps you find the cookies you want no matter where you are in Canada. Every girl should have an equal start. The chance at a fair race in whatever path she chooses. The opportunity to thrive. We live in an awesome time: girls are taking the lead , eager to make change , and creating a more inclusive world. We see this every day in Guiding — a place where girls cheer each other on as they set their own goals and make their mark in the world around them.

Clearly, young people are seeing inequality in action — and this inequality is impacting girls sooner than you might think. Girls, in their own words It can be hard for adults to imagine how girls as young as 10 would face gender inequality in society — so we asked girls about it. In their own words, girls in our survey said:. LetGirlsGuide Not nice enough. Not strong enough. Not loud enough to be heard. Not smart enough to be taken seriously.

When girls can support and empower each other in a safe space, they are better equipped to take on the challenges facing them, head on. Because being a girl should always be celebrated. Another year of Girl Guides is starting up in units all across Canada. And yes, girls and volunteer Guiders are just a little bit excited. Guiding really is an all-access pass for girls to explore, experiment, design and create their own adventures — and the ultimate place where every girl knows she belongs.

They're baaaack! Science and technology. Planning their own community service project. Learning about healthy relationships. Guiding really is that place where girls can try it all. This year, girls are diving into our brand new program, Girls First. Girls First? You bet! These Pathfinders are back at it and excited for a new year and new program. Lots of exploration, fun, empowerment and achievement ahead! First girlguidesofcan meeting of the year! Girls got to vote on what aspects of the new programming they wanted to work on first. Planning our year with the new Girls First program at our first camp!

Friendship goals. Squad goals. Sisterhood goals. Love being apart of this sisterhood girlguidesofcanada girlguidesofcanada. A post shared by Julia Kitchen julia. Ready and excited. First meeting girlguidesofcanada Cookies already for sale girlguidesofcanada girlguidecookies. Of course, our volunteers are just a little bit excited for the start of the Guiding year, too. Feel so excited and lucky to have my 1st meeting of fall today I'm so lucky to volunteer with such an amazing organization as girl guides and have such an awesome unit in the beautiful town of Portland girlsfirst firstday ggc portlandontario girlguidesofcanada.

Making friends. Take one Guide troop, add one hill, endless laughter. How do we know? We went to the ultimate experts — girls themselves. What girls told us was revealing, but maybe not all that surprising. The uncomfortable truth is that lagging gender equality might just be fencing girls in. Overall, the survey showed that girls are more concerned than boys about gender equality — both now and in the future.

Whether it is in the media or at school, etc. Men still hold more power and make more money. Girls in Guiding cheer each other on as they work towards their goals. I never used to be the person to speak up in class. Through Guiding, I have a place to express my thoughts and ideas. As a member of the National Youth Council , I can help shape the organization that I love just as it has helped to shape me.

When I applied and was accepted to attend the national Ignite. I met so many girls that were open and welcoming that I just knew I wanted to be that person who brought people together. I loved the feeling of the power of change when we discussed topics like mental health and feminism, and I knew I wanted to continue with that feeling in my life.

I have found things that I am passionate about and have spoken at conferences and awards banquets on my experiences. National Youth Council in Banff. Thinking back to where I was a year ago, I cannot believe the changes in my life. Making new friends, speaking up, and not shying away from new experiences are only a few examples of how my new-found confidence has helped me.

Stepping outside my comfort zone and applying for these opportunities has changed my life for the better. The National Youth Council has given me an avenue to create the kind of social change that I thought I would always just stand by and watch, never be an integral part of. This year I am excited to see what the National Youth Council has to offer and what we will choose as our actions to focus on. I cannot wait to meet the new girls joining us this year and build many more lasting friendships.

Nothing gives me more pride than to be able to advocate for the values of this girl-driven organization and speak about my experiences. Guiding has shaped my life in a truly remarkable way. Guest post by Emily Lints, a Ranger from Manitoba.

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Meet the new members of our National Youth Council! And just plain awesome. Travelling with Girl Guides has it all. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should put a Girl Guide trip on your bucket list. Now is the perfect time! I think they are having just a little bit of fun on their European Guiding Adventure!

Do you want to experience travelling with Girl Guides of Canada too? Check out the link in our bio to apply. Girl and Guider opportunities available! The girls I attended this trip with were the true MVPs. You guys are awesome, crazy funny and so supportive. Thank you guys so much for making this an awesome trip and thanks to Alberta Council — Girl Guides for making my last trip as a girl member a spectacular one! The girls on the provincially sponsored trip to Switzerland! They're having a great time touring Zurich and our Chalet!

The London Eye was awesome! Such a cool experience!

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Fact: Canada is the second largest country in the world. So many ggcsask girls out exploring the country and the world at large this summer. But many Girl Guide trips also offer the chance to take part in local service projects. It's amazing the sites you can see when you just take the time to look. Cleaning up Hampstead Heath! Giving back to the world at large! What an amazing group of young women and Guiders!

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Such a great trip and experience of a lifetime! Thank you girls for making this such a great adventure for everyone! The Amazon. Newfoundland and Labrador. These are just some of the destinations you can apply for as part of our Nationally-Sponsored Trips program. The deadline is September Whether exploring the hidden beauty of an urban park or experiencing their first overnight canoe trip, girls in Guiding are kind of famous for soaking up every ounce of adventure the summer has to offer.

Pass the marshmallows, please! Such a super fun weekend at camp! Comella AComella1 July 30, Hanging together outdoors is like the perfect recipe for making new friends. Camp Friends are the Best Friends. A post shared by marshagoodyear marshagoodyear on Aug 20, at pm PDT. Picked my daughter up after two weeks at camp — next year, she wants to go for a month!

A post shared by acadianpie acadianpie on Apr 29, at pm PDT. Everyone's favourite camp meal: tacos in a bag! Perfect evening for a canoe on Wascana Lake with Guides 27! Geocaching for pathfinder wind up!! A post shared by life. Cheering girls on every step of the way during their outdoor adventures are our amazing Girl Guide volunteers. These amazing women mentors are in it for the fun and adventure, too. Ever wonder what.

We work on our outdoorfun resume so we can safely take you on adventures See you in September! Looking for a place where girls are empowered to take the lead, jump into awesome activities, and explore what matters to them? The new Guiding year is starting soon. Find out what units are available in your neighbourhood and register today.

Everyday spent with Sparks is a new adventure. They remind me to be silly, sing at the top of my lungs, and live curiously. A few months ago, an email arrived announcing that the national office would be hosting our own Girl Guide units. Looking to connect with nature and possibly even camp out under the stars?

Well, we have just the thing for you! Immediately, I knew I wanted in. Although I was brand new to GGC as part of the Programming staff team, the opportunity to work with girls directly and be part of the Guiding tradition was immensely appealing. And of course there was the promise of glitter.

Within two weeks, and with several training sessions under my belt, I was officially a Spark Guider. Right away the world of Guiding began opening itself up to me in new and exciting ways. I quickly learned the Promise and the opening and closing songs, as well as how to tie a reef knot. I reviewed the programming options and wrapped my head around all the swag — badges and keepers and crests, oh my!

Fortunately, my colleague and fellow Guider Chickadee or as we call her in the office, Ashley had experience with Sparks and has been incredibly supportive and helpful in showing me the ropes. Finally, we were ready. We had all our supplies and a general plan for our first meeting. They light up with each new challenge, and are delighted to learn more about what it means to be in Guiding. They have truly begun to demonstrate the Spark Promise and show excitement and imagination in all they do. We play games, craft, learn invaluable life skills and, most importantly, we have FUN!

The time spent with the girls is undoubtedly the highlight of every week. They make me laugh and smile, and they remind me to enjoy the moment. But perhaps the most rewarding part of being a Guider is watching girls discover the endless possibilities of who they are and what they are capable of. I am proud to be their Guider and to be on this journey with them. On the day of the ceremony, the girls were all sashes, smiles and giggles.

They made us proud as they recited the Spark Promise, and we sprinkled glitter over top of them as they received their enrolment pins. Being new to Guiding myself, I was also enrolled that night. I stood before our guests, three fingers to the sky, and recited the Promise just as millions of girls and women have before me. In that moment, with our Sparks smiling up at me, I felt myself become part of the sisterhood of Guiding.

Perhaps it was the glitter in my hair, but I really could feel myself sparkle. Emerald with 73 rd Toronto Sparks. Interested in volunteering with a Girl Guide unit in your area? You can get your adventure on by applying for a Girl Guide Nationally-Sponsored trip. Applications close September During our trip, we visited the pyramids of the moon and sun. It felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. But when we got to the top it felt so rewarding and the view was amazing. One evening we had a campfire.

It was so much fun getting to learn new Girl Guide songs in English and Spanish.

I Heart GGC

This shows that no matter where you are in the world, you are connected through Guiding. We made crafts, played sports, sang songs and laughed. Another cool thing was going waterfall jumping. Waterfall jumping is exactly what it sounds like: standing on top of a waterfall and jumping down into the pool of water below. Some jumps were only 3 metres and some were 12 metres. Every jump felt so freeing and the support I found in my fellow Girl Guides as I took that giant leap was incredible.

Everyone would cheer you on and congratulate you after you jumped. I felt like I could have stayed there another two weeks or even two months. Mackenzie has served in many volunteer and leadership roles, including working with Guide units and as a member of the National Youth Council.

There is something truly awesome about the way Guiding can open doors to new adventures while supporting girls and Guiders in a safe space. Our unit, the 3rd Carter Guides, is from a small community outside of Halifax. While most of our girls take a school bus daily, only half had been on city transit. When we sat down as a unit to see if a city adventure was a good year-end trip the ideas flowed quickly.

Girls had tons of ideas of what they would and would not! We started our adventure by meeting up at the bus terminal one morning at 8 a. Snack bags were opened, scavenger hunts started, and our adventure day was off to great start! Over the course of the morning, girls discovered parks and playgrounds, explored the waterfront, enjoyed the ferry ride another first for some! We had tentative plans for the day, but our bigger plan was to roll with our day — as girls, weather, and opportunities allowed. Walking more than 6. After a picnic lunch, we explored the award-winning and enormous!

So many girls tried new things, and helped each other out. As many traded in roller skates for easier-to-use bikes and scooters, one girl just kept trying. Her perseverance impressed me. When I skated passed on inline skates for the first time in 20 years! Over our full day together, I saw too many Girl Guide-y moments to mention.

The girls embraced adventure and small challenges, solved problems as a team picture a scavenger hunt blowing away , used kind words, and laughed with each other. Guest post by Jo Swinemer. Jo is excited to open a Pathfinder unit for some of these advancing Guides this fall.

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  6. When the rainbow crosswalk in Smithers, B. Guiding member Christine Tessier shares their story. This camp is held every three years in different B. As head of service projects for the camp, and a local Smithereen, I started searching for various projects that campers could participate in. Some of the projects included trail cleanup, painting tables and chairs on the site, collecting items for the Community Services organization and weeding at the community garden. We also painted fish on drains throughout the town and this led to a request to refresh the rainbow sidewalk on Main Street.

    Unfortunately, the weather would not co-operate and camp ended before we could get to the job. I still felt this would be a perfect fit for Girl Guides so appealed to local Guiders and we took it on. It took three hours for us to complete. It was a first time for all of us, including town staff who provided the supplies. Halfway through, the mayor of Smithers, Taylor Bachrach, came to thank us for our work and our project ended up on the front page of the local paper. I truly believe this was a simple but powerful way to show how inclusive we are and that we believe that all persons are valued.

    The rainbow sidewalk has been a controversial topic among some in our small community of 5, — yet slowly but gradually, it has been accepted. I remember the first time it was painted in It was less than 24 hours before tire tracks appeared to mar the colours as people deliberately worked to deface it. Now locals praise our work as they walk by.

    Skip to main content. Shop by Category. Hot This Week. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Only 1 left! If you don't communicate, we won't hesitate to cancel the order and re-list the item. We're human, and respond well to respect. This may or may not apply to your country. We have a metal pin back badge for sale measuring 25mm in diameter and in good used order and condition with some light foxing.

    The last four digits on our title are for reference only. Please view our pictures as part of our description and any questions will be answered promptly. Single spoon. It is adjusted to around a 28" waist, in holes that have been added after manufacture, so would likely be a large in size. It is in good order and condition. Shannon Matchett A glider instructor, Shannon is all about teaching and learning. Having received many training opportunities over the past 14 years in her roles of Guider and District Commissioner with Coast Mountain District, she looks forward to sharing her Guiding experiences — songs, games, crafts, program ideas, camp planning and how to make your time with the girls fun and meaningful.

    Maureen Rennie Maureen wants more girls to experience outdoor camping and adventurous activities. Serving as a trainer has been a rewarding way to share her experience and perspective and encourage new leaders to take their girls out into nature for fun and challenging experiences with friends. Maureen also loves leading campfire singing and teaching canoeing and kayaking skills.

    Shelagh Weightman A new Trainer candidate from Coast Mountain District, Shelagh is an outdoorsy Guider- loving this continent as much as the many she has travelled to. Would you like to become a trainer? We would love to add you to our team. F or more information, contact us HERE. I really was dreading going and wasting a full day but the time flew and I learned so much that will help me this year with my Brownies! I was really shy about attending New Guider Training Day but my District Commissioner picked me up and brought me to the training and it was just great!

    I met so many new Guiders just like me! A group of us are planning to meet for coffee…I was so impressed with everything…thanks! My Guiding buddy and I arrived together not expecting anything special…but wow! Someone with balloons met us right in the parking lot…we had no doubt that we were in the right place! So much fun…we can hardly wait to go camping and try out our new skills!