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Field's Nocturne follows no known form, nor does it develop a given theme. Instead, it sets up a mood and atmosphere of tenderness and dreaminess combined with a continuous flow of beautiful melody that appeals directly to the listener's willingness to share an emotion, mostly of consoled sadness.

Field's Nocturnes greatly influenced Chopin, who absorbed the emotional characteristics of the Nocturne style and used them to create his own unique expressive compositions. Nobody has even attempted this peculiar style, and especially none of those who heard Field play himself, or rather who heard him dream his music in moments when he entirely abandoned himself to his inspiration.

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English translation by Julius Schuberth, Artists will only be notified about positive votes. The Chopin nocturnes were a very important part of the 19th century piano repertoire, and enchanted many a listener and composer. But Chopin's emotional and agitated style got a bit stereotyped, which made some listeners think of it as 'groaning'. I think Chopin's nocturnes are some of the composer's most graceful and magical pieces , and a perfect example of his uniquely delicate style of music.


Click here to read more about Cuban piano legend Bolet, who's one of my favourite pianists. And here's a different video, this time of Maurizio Pollini playing one of my favorite nocturnes, Op.

Arrau manages to capture a very magical feeling with his playing , with just the right tempo and push-pull to let the natural tension of the nocturnes breathe. Arrau considered Chopin's nocturnes to be the best of the composer's works.

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This gives his interpretations a focus and sophistication which some other pianists don't have, since a lot don't think of Chopin's nocturnes as that important how silly! Arrau Nocturnes.

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Another great pianist to have a look at would be Maurizio Pollini's interpretations. Pollini has a clear and direct style, but I find his nocturnes a bit fast for my taste except in the video above, where it works really well. You might also like Chopin's delightful waltzes , or his heroic polonaises.

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