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The initial changes are called receptor potentials, and they are produced by the movement of positively charged ions e.


Thus, in order to…. Many invertebrates have chemoreceptor cells contained in discrete structures called sensilla that are located on the outside of the body. Each sensillum consists of one or a small number of receptor cells together with accessory cells derived from the epidermis. These accessory cells produce a fluid analogous to….

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However, because the number of receptor cells is limited, some of the cells must express more than one type…. This indicates that the chemoreceptor system of amphibians reflects their evolutionary position as terrestrial animals that are still dependent on an aquatic environment for breeding.

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The olfactory system is directly associated with the intake of air during breathing and thus is almost continuously exposed to environmental odours. In addition,…. This book describes in general how the chemosensory systems of fish function at various levels.

In many ways, fish are typical vertebrates differing only slightly from other vertebrates including humans. In other ways, their aquatic environment imposes strict requirements or offers unique opportunities which have resulted in some unusual functions having no counterpart in higher vertebrates.

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This new volume is necessitated by advances in many vital areas as the field of chemical senses continues to grow at a rapid pace. Most significant is the application of the contemporary electrophysiological technique of patch-clamping, recognition of a second messenger system in chemosensory transduction processes and the identification of hormonal pheromones in fish reproductive behaviour.

The last major synthesis of our knowledge about fish chemoreception, Chemoreception in Fishes, was published ten years ago Elsevier, Amsterdam, In that volume four aspects of fish chemoreception, Le.

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This book is intended to be helpful to students, scientists and aquacul turists not only as a source book but also as a textbook on chemical senses. Synaptic organization of the olfactory bulb and its central. Thomas E Finger. Kin recognition in fish mediated by chemical cues.