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Boost Library Documentation - Data structures

The first value is assigned to the first member, the second value to the second member, and so on. Objects of the structure types can be assigned, passed as function arguments, and returned as the result form a function.

As can be seen in the following statement, one structure variable can be assigned to another:. Note - One structure variable can be assigned to another only when they are of the same structure type. If you try to assign the variable of one structure type to the variable of another structure type, then the compiler will report an error.

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A structure may be local to a function , if defined within a function. That is, no function other than the one which defines it, can access it the structure. A structure may be global to all functions within a program if defined outside all the functions i. After feeding the data, as shown in the above three sample runs, press ENTER to see the voters having age more than Examples of data structures are queues, stacks, lists, heaps, search trees, hashtables, bloom filters, union-find, etc.

That's because different data structures support different sets of operations.

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In other words, each of them is suitable for different types of tasks. So, a programmer should choose the minimal data structure that supports all the operations that's needed.

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Sorting Algorithms n : the number of items to be sorted k : the size of each key d : the digit size used by the implementation. Compression Algorithm - Huffman.

Similarly, elements keeping a date's information e. The following code fragment shows how to define a structure say date.

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The keyword struct tells the compiler that a structure is being defined :. In the above definition, the date is a structure tag and it identifies this particular data structure and its type specifier.


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Also remember, at this point of time i. Only the form of the data has been defined. To declare a structure variable having the data form as defined by date, we will write :.

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Thus, the complete structure definition is as follows :. The structure elements of structure can be initialized either separately, using separate assignment statements or jointly, using notation similar to array initialization.