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Garmisch-Partenkirchen Moritz Berlin Date 01 Aug - 16 Aug. Country Germany. Athletes Countries Events Television coverage The Games were the first to be broadcast on television.

The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936

Debuts and firsts Basketball, canoeing and field handball all made their first appearances. The symbol of fire These Games saw the introduction of the torch relay based on an idea by Dr Carl Diem. Television coverage The Games were also the first to be broadcast on television. The prizes Apart from medals, the athletes received a winner's crown and an oak tree in a pot. New on the programme For the first time, the programme included men's handball and basketball tournaments. Crowd More than four million tickets sold. Ceremonies Berlin Arrival of the Olympic Flame at the Olympic Stadium.

More info. Cycling Road, Cycling Track.

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BABYLON in Berlin - 36 Husbands - Berlin Premiere + Live Concert with Special Guests

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Highlights of the games

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