Manual Advances in Microbial Ecology

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Nitrifier Diversity and Activity.

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Energy and Electron-Yielding Substrates. Sulfate Reduction. Formation of Peats and Mor Horizons. Modeling Microbial Growth and Activity in Soil. Components of the Model. Operation of the Model. Treatment of Limiting Factors. The Model as an Investigative Tool. Mechanisms of Adaptation to Low-Nutrient Environments. Regulation and Modulation of Substrate-Uptake Systems. Regulation of Metabolism of Nonlimiting Nutrients. Regulation and Modulation of Polymer Synthesis. Coordinated Regulation of Cell Synthesis. Bioenergetic Considerations. Transient-State Phenomena: Microbial Reactivity. Microbial Production of Volatile Sulfur Compounds.

Microbial Sources of Atmospheric Sulfur. Terrestrial Microorganisms.

Microbial Ecology in Reservoirs and Lakes | Frontiers Research Topic

Microbial Activity in Soils. Microbial Activity in Manures. Microbial Activity in Phyllospheres and Rhizospheres. Aquatic Microorganisms. Microbial Sinks of Atmospheric Sulfur. Carbon Monoxide in the Atmosphere. Units of Measurement. Transfer of Trace Gases in the Atmosphere.

Advances in Microbial Ecology

Distribution of CO in the Atmosphere. Carbon Monoxide in Urban Areas. Distribution of CO in "Clean" Atmospheres. Variations of CO Content in the Atmosphere. Abiogenic Processes in the CO Cycle. Anthropogenic CO Production. Liberation of CO by Oceans. Photochemical Reactions in the Atmosphere. Liberation of CO from the Interior of the Earth. Other Geophysical Sources.

Formation of CO by Living Systems. Production of CO by Animals. Formation of CO by Algae and Cyanobacteria. Formation of CO by Higher Plants. Production of CO by Bacteria. Fixation of CO in the Biosphere. Reaction with Hemoproteins. Fixation of CO by Higher Plants. Absorption of CO by the Soil. Fixation of CO by Nonspecific Microflora.

History of Research. Characteristics of the Physiological Group. Isolation of Carboxydobacteria.

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Morphological and Cultural Characteristics. Growth of Carboxydobacteria under Autotrophic Conditions.

Genomics Applications for the Developing World Advances in Microbial Ecology

Utilization of CO by Carboxydobacteria. The Environment. Subject area:. IF range: -. Open Access: --Please select-- Yes No.

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Advances in Microbial Ecology, Volume 16

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